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To become member of this group you must prove you have at least a basic understanding of astronomy and of the main notions in double star astronomy (like separation, PA and so on). The most simple way to prove that is to send us a few observing notes of some double stars of your choice. That observations should contain at least some estimations of the main parameters of the observed object and a generic description of it. There is not any constraint regarding the observations style. Could be text descriptions with estimation of the parameters, drawings , photographic observations with measurements. The observations will be validated by group members.

Becaming a member of the group will allow you participate in some projects which are restricted to group members. Not all projects will be restricted. There will be also projects (or part of projects) for beginners which will be open to anyone.

    Current members ( in submitting order )

  • Lucian Curelaru, Brasov / Romania
  • Radu Gherase, Bucharest / Romania
  • Florin Marc, Targu Mures / Romania
  • Danut Ionescu. New Zeeland